Erwin Castricum

Beverwijk, Netherlands |

My name is Erwin Castricum. An enthusiastic programmer that wants to make a living out of his hobby.

I am currently enrolled in the study Applied Computer Science at the Inholland University of Applied sciences. I really enjoy this study because I can expand my knowledge about the profession here. Besides my eagerness to learn, I am really ambitious. I always try to grow as much as possible within a position.

My specialties within the field are embedded projects and connecting these projects to the internet. Combining these two specialties result in having the knowledge of both high-level programming web languages (backend & frontend) and the more low-level languages like C & C++.

In my free time I am a scout leader for kids of ages 11 to 16. I put a lot of energy into this, but I gain a lot of energy from this activity as well. It has also teached me an invaluable lesson in leadership and organisation.

Feel free to look at the projects I worked on and contact me via either LinkedIn or Email.


Software Engineering Intern


TomTom is a company that offers navigational services & solutions. My assignment during the internship took place within the Location and Navigation Services team and consisted of connecting more data sources to the existing datasets of TomTom. I built a proof of concept and also accompanied the team to Poland for various meetings.

September 2018 - February 2019

Software Engineer


DiVault is a small company that focuses on sustainable storage for the archives of various municipalities throughout the Netherlands. My main task was to develop a simplified process of uploading archives to the DiVault cloud. I did both back-end & front-end work here.

November 2017 - October 2018


University of Applied Sciences Inholland Alkmaar

Bachelor of Applied Computer Sciences
Started with this study in 2015 and knew within a week that this was the branch I wanted to work in for the rest of my life. It's the perfect mix between hardware and software. What I think is beautiful about this branch of work is that you can create a prototype from just an idea in a relatively short period of time. You can create software that communicates with physical objects. I think that is really neat. I started programming in a lot of different languages since i started here. Some where given as courses on school, but I also learned some by myself. The language I use for programming most at school is C. This is because of the microcontrollers we have to program. These are mostly Microchip PIC's.
September 2015 - July 2020 (Estimate)

Kennemer College Beverwijk

General Higher School of Education
Went through this education program in the standard 5 years. I followed the extra subject computer science which laid the foundation for my enthusiasm about programming. It was a nice introduction into the programming world and helped me a lot with making the career choice that brought me to where I am today.
September 2010 - May 2015


Frontend languages & tools
Backend languages & tools
  • C#
  • C
  • C++
  • SQL

Most interesting projects

GPS Tracker

Personal project

GPS tracker built with a Microchip PIC. Connected to the cellular network using a SIM800L module. Converts NMEA sentences from a NEO-6m GPS module and sends them to my webserver. On the website you can see the route that the GPS tracker recorded. Code can be found on my github profile.

May 2019

IOT Security

Personal project

This project was inspired by the many burglaries at the HQ of my scouting group. I put up motion sensors and magnetic contacts and connected them to a Raspberry Pi. When the system is armed and someone enters the building a signal will be sent to a group of people which can then take action.

April 2019

Secure website in C

Inholland Alkmaar

Web application built for the lecture Secure Programming in C at Inholland Alkmaar. Represents a simple website for ordering flights. Has several protection features built in to prevent attacks. Available on GitHub and Docker.

June 2018


My main interest is to work at a company where I can utilize my full skillset. This can be in any branches within the computer engineering domain, as long as it stays challenging. My preference lies with embedded systems though, as this is where I studied for and get the most fun out of.